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My Resume

Sina Nourian
Software Developer
Tehran, Iran
Programming Languages

Java 11 Features and Functional Programming, worked with many frameworks and libraries (Spring, Micronaut, ...)

Technologies and Frameworks
Spring Framework and Projects

Boot, MVC, WebFlux, Security, Data, AOP, Cloud (Eureka, Ribbon, Zuul, Hystrix), Kafka, Batch, HATEOAS, AMQP, and Reactor Project

Micronaut Framework
Akka Framework

Building Concurrent and Distributed Applications

Apache Kafka
Docker Containers

Worked with Istio Service Mesh

Clean code and designing good architectures

OOP Design Patterns, Code Smells and Anti-Patterns, Aspect-Oriented, Reactive and Actor Model Programming

Experienced developer and software designer. Excellent team worker and very keen to learn and develop new skills. I have worked as a research assistant in Distributed Systems Laboratory of Iran University of Science and Technology. Interested in Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Serverless computing, Data Stream Processing, Reactive Programming, and Microservices and have worked with various frameworks to build Cloud-native and Distributed Applications (e.g. Spring Cloud, Akka, Flink, Istio). Also interested in designing good software architecture using design patterns and refactoring techniques to avoid code smells. I am very willing to devote my time to continue researching and learning new technologies.

Master of Science, Software Engineering
Iran University of Science and Technology2016-2018

Overall GPA: 17.04 / 20

Advisor: Dr. Mohsen Sharifi

Thesis: A Distributed Graph Processing Technique for Adaptability of Data Stream Processing Systems

Summary: My main research field was on parallel patterns, auto-scaling and QoS-aware techniques in Data Stream Processing systems to make them adaptable to dynamic changes and various workloads.

Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering
Shahrood University of Technology2012-2016
Chief Technology Officer
DantechFeb '19-present


  • Customer Information File (CIF) System | Progress: 20%
  • Unified Collateral Management System | Progress: 98%

Using the latest, top-notch technologies and architectures of software engineering for building highly scalable and fault-tolerant systems, like Microservices architecture, Kubernetes, Service Mesh (Istio), Event-driven Architecture, etc.

Senior Software Developer
Omid AnalyzerSep '18-Feb '19

Worked on algorithmic trading and order execution management systems

Software Developer
TOSANApr '18-Sep '18

Worked on Bank interest management system