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What is Swift Remote?

Swift Remote

Swift Remote is an application for controlling your desktop computer. Send and receive files remotely, control your windows such as power controls, volume controls, set a shutdown timer, capture a screenshot and send it to your phone remotely, control your Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic remotely, control mouse, etc... . This program uses NirCmd tool from NirSoft


This application uses NirCmd software. all commands run through NirCmd. If you want to write your own custom commands, you can check NirCmd's manual in desktop application folder (files/NirCmd.chm) or you can visit HERE

Please show your support to NirSoft by donating to them from THIS LINK

Swift Remote (Android Application)

Version: 2.0.0 | 28/6/2015

You can get the latest version of Android application from Google Play FOR FREE!

Download From:  Google Play

A BIG thanks to Minooch who published this app to google play for me. Because I don't have access to Google Play

Swift Remote (Desktop Application)

Version: 2.0.1 | 22/10/2015

This application requires Java v8u40 runtime or higher to run. Please download latest Java runtime from HERE or HERE

IMPORTANT: If you are using Windows 10, please upgrade your Java runtime to the latest version

For more information, check out 'Help' menu in application.

Download Latest Version - Mirror

What's New

Version 2.0.1:

Version 2.0.0:

Version 1.2.2:

Version 1.2.0:

Version 1.1.0:


Q: I can't connect!

A: UPDATE: In version 1.2.0 I improved finding local IP address. So even if you use a vpn, you should get the valid and correct local IP address. Also, new version has Auto Server Discovery feature. When you are in Connection Status page, wait a little and you will see your host will be added to the list automatically! If you still have problems and app cannot find your host automatically, you can try adding your host manually. Make sure to use a valid local IP address. You can find your local IP address form Swift Remote desktop application, and also from Network and Sharing Center in Windows

Q: Wake-on-Lan is not working!

A: for Wake-on-Lan, you have 2 options. use a MAC Address or choose from list of your hosts. If you want to choose from hosts you have to connect to that host at least one time. So android app can get your MAC address and store it in database. Remember, if you use Wifi on your computer, android application gets and stores MAC Address of your Wifi interface. So for making wOL to work, connect your computer to LAN (because WOL will not work on Wifi) and then connect android app to desktop. now it stores your LAN interface MAC address. And for enabling WOL on your PC, if you want to turn on your computer when it is powered off, you should enable WOL in your BIOS. and if you want to wake up your computer from sleep or hibernate, you should turn on WOL on windows. There are plenty of tutorials and helps for enabling this feature on internet. google it :)

You can also ask your questions on XDA thread of Swift Remote Application from HERE

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