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Implementing a Dynamic REST Query Language in Micronaut with JPA and QueryDSL

Sometimes in web-based applications, you might end up needing an “advanced search” feature for your entities which happens to have many fields and relations. Supporting each of these search requirements results in a huge amount of code and a tight coupling between the backend code and UI. And if some business requirement changes, you have to update your backend code to support the newly requested features. On the other hand, a dynamic query builder, that can convert REST query parameters to SQL queries, can remove this tight coupling and make developers’ lives easier!

Spring framework has built-in support for these kinds of dynamic queries in its Spring Data module by leveraging the QueryDSL library and it also has web support so it can dynamically create SQL queries from the REST parameters.

By taking ideas from Spring Data, I tried to implement a dynamic REST query language in Micronaut by using JPA and QueryDSL and made it available as a library on Maven repository. This implementation uses little to no runtime reflections thanks to Micronaut’s awesome compile-time Introspection which can result in less memory usage and better performance and it’s suitable for Microservices architecture.